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Introducing: The SMG Tech Stack.

Your firm deserves staffing technology solutions. That's why we've invested in only the best.

The Bullhorn One Ecosystem

Our nationwide partners have access to Bullhorn's exclusive features, including the most powerful staffing technology stack on the market- the Bullhorn One Ecosystem.

Custom Reporting

A business analytics suite that combines the power of deep analytics with a user-friendly experience, enabling you to explore every dimension of your business.


Powerful, easy-to-understand, real-time reporting and actionable insights accessible to users at every level in your recruitment agency.


Automate workflows, processes, and communication throughout the entire recruiting cycle.


Scale your business, speed up time-to-revenue by eliminating manual paperwork, ensure compliance, and drastically improve on-time starts, all in one place.

Co-Pilot (Ai)

Cloud-based time and attendance solutions built for managing today’s workforce.

Payroll, Compliance & Benefits Platforms

Our payroll, compliance, and benefits partners ensure seamless and stress-free access to the best staffing support platforms.

You need comprehensive HR solutions that empower your people and unlock your teams’ potential. ADP delivers.

Essential Staff Care is the leading provider of healthcare benefits to the staffing industry.

Deliver pay on demand, as it’s earned. Employees get access to earned wages when they need them. Employers increase job applicants, improve employee retention, and lower workforce absenteeism.

Consolidate to a single system for governing, assigning, automating, and tracking required training. With Cornerstone LMS, you can boost productivity with version management and seamless inline content workflows.

Meet our Chief Technology Officer

Bruce Stander

Bruce has over 19 years of hands-on experience in recruitment and talent acquisition technology, focusing on the human capital management (HCM) market.

Meet our Director of Technology

Shane Burrell

Shane leads the implementation and optimization of software solutions, processes, integrations, and automations for our staffing partners nationwide.

Your one-stop-shop for staffing technology.

From applicant tracking tools, to billing management, to productivity ecosystems, SMG Technology is your one-stop-shop for staffing technology solutions.