Established Branding

We offer our partners exclusive access to our extensive branding materials, logos, and much more.


Website Utilization

Fully utilize our website and nationwide brand components to further your staffing and recruiting firm

Brand Presence

We provide SMG-branded marketing documents with options for standard issues and customized materials tailored to your unique needs.

Enhanced Technology

Our franchisees receive a professional email address, reinforcing a strong and consistent brand identity.

SMG Branding by the Numbers

Marketing Templates

We have over 100+ templated marketing materials you can use instantly to showcase your brand.

Dedicated Marketing Manager

Become a licensee, get a brand consultant that will help your brand reach its full potential.

Digital Marketing Platforms

Our internal marketing team utilizes 10+ digital platforms to craft marketing campaigns, materials, and more.

What are you waiting for?

Our marketing team can't wait to meet you.