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The challenge

Expand Customer Base and Profits

A Partner located in Texas was working with a large multibillion-dollar customer to fill several of their permanent placement positions prior to joining USA Staffing Services as a Partner. Typically he was placing about 10-15 permanent positions per year.

The solution

The USA Staffing Services Partner Program

In an attempt to start placing temporary workers quickly and efficiently, this Partner joined the USA Staffing Services Partner Program to compete on a national level.

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The results

Partner Bills an additional $360,000 in Sales with 11.5% Net Profit Margin

Within a few weeks of signing up, they were able to start placing low-level temp-to-perm placements. After continuing to provide a high level of satisfaction with the customer they were allowed to work in higher-paying positions which allowed them to boost their profits. They had up to 17 temporary employees in the field and branched off to 2 additional customers.

After the partnership, the Texas-based company billed an additional $360,000 in Sales with an 11.5% Net Profit Margin in their Temporary Division.

That's not all- check out our other Success Stories:

Pennsylvania Partner Achieves 10.43% Net Profit

SITUATION: A Partner in Pennsylvania joined our network with a goal of starting up and growing a staffing division. The primary owner had over 7 years of experience in the permanent placement industry focusing on high-level financial positions. Over the first few months of starting up his company, he was able to place 2-3 permanent placements. However, in March 2016, they made the decision to start placing temporary workers with the goal of creating cash flow to bring on additional recruiters to grow his business. Within 3 months of deciding to make temporary placements, this Partner was able to land a large customer requesting 40+ temporary workers for a 4-month assignment. Since this Partner was already established with USA Staffing Service they were able to quickly make about 25 placements and took a majority of the open positions before other competitors. This large staffing customer allowed for 3 months of strong commissions which allowed this Partner to dramatically increase the number of permanent placements in the second half of the year.

RESULT: Billed a total of $256,000 in Temporary Placement Sales with a 10.43% Net Profit

From Start-Up to Success - Our Virginia Partner's Story

SITUATION: In August 2014 a Partner located in Virginia signed up with USA Staffing Services to enhance her operation and provide temporary staffing to her clients. Since she was a brand new start-up she wanted to focus on developing a strong sales presentation and marketing strategy. Since she didn’t have to worry about obtaining Worker's Compensation Insurance or Payroll Funding she was able to start her company on her own terms. In September 2015 she was able to secure a large customer who required 13 contractor placements and since she was able to dedicate 100% of her time to customer service (via perm placements) and recruiting strong candidates the customer gave her an exclusive deal to fill all remaining positions. She successfully recruited top-quality candidates and together we were able to develop a specific per diem policy that achieved the customer's requirements. The project lasted for 6 months. However 6 months later, the customer needed to hire 22 new temporary placements and since the invoicing, payroll, and staffing operation, they again gave her an exclusive contract to fill the position.

RESULT: Total Billing in the first five months was $734,000 with a 13.32% Net Profit

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